Strada Saddles

Strada Saddles
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Vienna Dressage Saddle - Strada Saddles

Vienna Dressage Saddle

Would you like a Saddle…

  • that moves with your horse but still has a tree?

  • that has panels which absorb impact and mould to your horse’s contours?

  • that fits different body types, rather than just widths?

St Christopher Endurance Saddle - Strada Saddles

St Christopher Endurance Saddle

  • that remains stable, even on wide horses with flat, round backs?

  • that makes you feel really close to your horse and allows you to sit in a natural position?

  • that is designed, manufactured and fitted by people who are all experienced riders and understand horses’ and riders’ needs?

Vario All Purpose Saddle - Strada Saddles

Vario All-Purpose Saddle

If you would like such a saddle, you would like a Strada saddle.

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For photos of the saddle in action, please take a look at the check out the Gallery.